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Download the plugin within the payment of the Basic Four Android application with the Pi port

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In this post, for you, dear users of the Magical File website, we have prepared a plug-in payment for a Basic Four Android application with the Pay port ready for download.


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Download the plug-in payment of the Basic Four Android application with the Pi port

This module is required for users who want to pay for the Android application they have created and automatically open the features in their application after payment, and the whole work process in this plugin is coded and in The environment is safe
This module consists of two parts: the user side part, which is programmed with Basic Four Android software, and the server side part is a php file, and without the need for a database in the designed server part, it is enough to have the php code part in the hosts Upload it yourself and write its address in the plugin and that's it

The files that you will receive after downloading are as follows

1. Module within the payment of Basic Four Android application
2. Source code on php server side
3. A practical example of a module

This plugin is programmed with a payment gateway

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Click on the link below to download the plug-in within the Basic Four Android payment application with the Pi portal.

Click here to download

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