Download the prepared work report of the electronics laboratory 2

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the magical file website, we have prepared a work report for the electronic laboratory 2 ready for download.


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Download the prepared work report of the electronics laboratory 2

Today, in this post, for you dear users of the magical file website, we have prepared a work report for the electronics laboratory 2 ready for download.

Examples of the titles of this electronic lab 2 prepared work report:

Transistor operating point stability

Subject of the test:
In this session, we will examine the working point of several different transistors and measure their stability with respect to various changes.

Review of feedback in amplifiers

Subject of the test:
در اين جلسه فيدبک ولتاژ – ولتاژ و اثر آن روي مقاومت ورودي و خروجي و گين تقويت کننده بررسي مي شود .

operational amplifier OP - AMP

Subject of the test:
در اين جلسه با برخي از مشخصه هاي OP – AMP آشنا مي شويم . 

Power Amplifier

Subject of the test:
در اين جلسه تقويت کننده هاي قدرت کلاس A را مورد بررسي قرار خواهيم داد .

B  ClassPower Amplifier

Today we want to design an amplifier circuit with the help of an Op-Amp. This amplifier is of class B type. (He definitely didn't study and failed Az Alec 2 and is still in class B... !!!)

Audio Power Amplifier

Today, we want to do an experiment that humans (of the kardani type) are unable to understand deeply. This circuit that you will see later and pray, I wish you would not see an audio amplifier, which if we add an 8 ohm speaker to the end, it will be produced by increasing the frequency of the sound.

Adjusted power sources

In order to have a good power supply that gives a smooth voltage, as we said, we need to hit it with a hammer to smooth the voltage.

and other electronic tests...

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