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Download the source and code of Tetris game project in C #

دانلود-سورس-و-کد-پروژه بازی-تتریس در-سی-شارپ
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Today, for you dear users, we have prepared the MagicFile of a source website and the Tetris game project code in C # for download.


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Download the source and project code of Tetris Tetris game in C #

Today, for you dear users, we have prepared the MagicFile of a source website and the Tetris game project code in C # for download.

دانلود سورس و کد پروژه بازی تتریس در سی شارپ

This project was developed using the C # language. Tetris is a puzzle matching tile game. In terms of gameplay, the pieces / tetriminos are randomly placed in different shapes and the main goal of this game is to control these pieces by moving them sideways using the left, right (if necessary) keys. When the user passes a specific number. From the lines, the game enters a new stage. As the level of the game increases, the pieces will fall faster and the game will end when a bunch of pieces reach the ground and no new pieces will be able to fall / enter the ground. This game project is easy for users to work with and understand.

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Click on the link below to download the source and project code of Tetris game in C #

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