Download a sample dashboard in Excel with the topic of learning and development

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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, a magic file of a sample dashboard in Excel with the topic of learning and development ready for download.


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Download a sample dashboard in Excel with the topic of learning and development

Introduction: In McDonald's and Apple, marketing works in such a way that the duty of their sellers is only to accept payment and distribute goods. But in most companies, every sale is the result of the coordinated work of marketers and salespeople with equal effort to achieve it. And what happens if the desired results are not achieved and sales decrease? It starts and the employees are divided into two sales teams and the marketing department. In order to determine the real causes of the decrease or increase in sales, the CEO must use an effective tool for timely comparative analysis and correlation of the results of marketing work and salespeople. Interactive data visualization can help.

Excel dashboard for benchmarking and sales correlation analysis

It happens very often that marketers and salespeople do not want to share the failures and victories of the company. When sales are poor, marketers blame salespeople for poor and untimely order processing. Salespeople complain about the quality and volume of leads supplied to them by marketers. Also, when there are jumps in growth in sales volume charts, marketers claim that this is the result of their productive work. At the same time, marketers are convinced that their undeniably high level of customer service has the greatest impact. A business owner must be able to resolve conflicts, unite teams of employees towards the global mission of the company. And the more important task should be to analyze and determine the real cause of victories and failures in the implementation of the company's overall plans. The best tool will be an interactive presentation with data visualization as an overview of all the company's business resources in one dashboard. We provide a functional dashboard for comparative analysis and correlation of sales and marketing teams for timely operational, tactical and strategic corporate decisions. Download the interactive dashboard template in Excel at the end of the article.

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Correlation analysis examines the relationship of data when certain criteria are changed. For our functional dashboard with interactive data visualization, we set a task to use as a tool for correlation and comparative analysis. Something that perfectly copes with it.


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