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Download Electric power quality practice solution

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the MagicFile website, we have prepared a complete project of electrical power quality practice for download, which is as follows:


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Download electric power quality practice solution

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the MagicFile website, we have prepared a complete project of electric power quality practice for download, which is as follows:

This project also has emulator files that are located inside the download file

Exercise 1 (Parallel Resonance)
We know that in parallel resonance it enters from the harmonic rectifier.
In the single-line network of a factory, which we simulated in MATLAB software as follows:
In this simulation, we have two load buses, before the first load bus, there is a 220/33 KV transformer with YY connection and before the second load bus, there is a 33 / 6.6KV transformer. The full specifications of each are given in the transformer. .
The 6-pulse 15 MW rectifier creates harmonicity to each bus bar.
25 MW-0.8 lag and a 8.4 MVAR capacitor are connected to bus 1 once.
A 15 MW-0.8 lag and a 5 MVAR capacitor are connected to bus 2 once.

After performing the simulation, we can see the voltage and current of each of them with the scopes that we put in the bus bars.

Exercise 2 (Series Resonance) (Series Resonance with Correction Capacitor)
We know that in resonance, the harmonic series is imported from the source! Here, we select and adjust the source so that it is harmonic! We select the source and we can adjust its harmonic.
و از قسمت: Simscape> SimPowerSystems> Specialized Technology> Mesurment> three-phase voltage V-I measurements. Add the bass bar.
The rest of the blocks are added in the same way.
We simulate the circuit in MATLAB as shown below:

Exercise 3 (without filter) (with filter)
No filter:
We simulate the circuit as shown in the following figure in MATLAB software:
The network consists of the source - transformer - bus - bar and rectifier that infects the network!
Bass voltage:

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