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تحقیق آماده در مورد شير در تاسیسات در قالب فایل ورد

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Dear researchers of the Saharamaz file website, today we have put a ready article for you to download about the milk in the facility. We hope you will be satisfied with it. To see more details, please read the text below.


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دانلود تحقیق آماده در مورد شير در تاسیسات در فایل ورد word doc با قابلیت ویرایش

Dear researchers of the Saharamaz file website, today we have put a ready article for you to download about the milk in the facility. We hope you will be satisfied with it. To see more details, please read the text below.

جزییات شير در تاسیسات به شرح زیر می باشد

  • عنوان : شير در تاسیسات
  • File format: word doc
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قسمتی از متن انتخاب شده از داخل فایل ورد در مورد شير در تاسیسات به صورت زیر است

Milk in facilities, as one of the main raw materials in the food and livestock industry, plays a very important role in the production of products. This article examines how to collect, transport, store and process milk in facilities.

جمع‌آوری شیر:

Collecting milk from dairy cattle is done using different devices. These devices include conveyor machines, automatic milk collection devices and mechanical milk collection devices. Finally, the collected milk is transported to the milk processing facility.

حمل و نقل شیر:

Milk is transported from the farm to the milk processing facility using milk trucks, milk machines, or pipelines. In the transportation of milk, due to the high sensitivity of milk to contamination, it needs to comply with sanitary conditions and health and hygiene standards.

ذخیره‌سازی شیر:

Milk storage is done in milk processing facilities. Milk is used for storage in tanks, tanks or barrels. These devices are designed in a standard manner and in compliance with health and safety conditions.

پردازش شیر:

Milk processing includes milk processing, purification and packaging. In milk processing, milk is subjected to operations such as pasteurization, mixing, fat separation and transformation into other products. In milk purification, milk is purified from bacteria and possible contamination. In milk packaging, milk is placed in different packages.

In general, milk collection, transportation, storage and processing are critical in industrial facilities. Milk processing as one of the most important parts of the milk industry, in order to produce quality products and use optimal milk, requires proper knowledge and equipment. Compliance with health conditions and health and hygiene standards in all stages of milk processing is the most important factor in guaranteeing the quality and health of the final products.

شيرهاي پروانه‌اي

Butterfly valves are usually used in this case because their parts are cheap and they show good sealing, and they reduce waste and water loss, ball valves perform better in terms of control, but their price is more expensive.

بوجود آوردن جريان اوليه PRV يا شيرهاي كنترل:

In some cases, the water loss at the top, on the valve (even if it is a PRV or a control valve) can be high, (for example, if the consumption is 0.032 (0.500 gpm) and the water passes through a 6 inch pipe (1500 pipe mm) these wastes of water can reduce the pressure of the upper part and bring it to a minimum.

A long-term solution for this problem is to increase the carrying capacity of the pipes in the upper part. This type of work is usually expensive, although it is a quick solution when necessary, even if you don't have a lot of budget. The short-term solution may be to use the combination of PRV/PSV in regulating the bottom and floor pipes. The action of EPS can show how PSV should be so that the necessary pressure is not reduced in very critical moments. (usually the highest) value at the top. The combination of PRV/PSV can be assumed in the model of rapid placement of PSV on top of PRV. The designer should also use a narrow neck interface at the top, which can raise the pressure for the PRV at minimal cost.

As a result of the fire flow tests and the hardness effect, a model of the discussed area can be presented. Attempting to identify the system often leads to the discovery of problems that can be easily and cheaply fixed, such as closed or partially closed valves. Clearly, opening a valve that has already been blinded is very cheap compared to the methods of reviving the system. or new plumbing, the model created from the system will reveal which parts of the pipes are narrowed. These points are the points where the speed increases or the pressure difference is higher. Background information should be collected in order to strengthen the results of the observations. Those parts that are narrow should be replaced or a parallel pipe should be used or they should be revived and repaired. In general, consumption during peak consumption and times of firefighting use are determining situations and the pipes used must create a stable situation to eliminate these problems.
مطالعه در مورد جايگزيني در راه‌هاي چاره:
Usually, the decision to replace the pipes is the most expensive solution, and this decision should never be made when the current plumbing is in a bad structural condition. The decision whether to use parallel pipes or to repair them depends on the water flow at that point. The repairs inside the existing pipes return most of the initial volume of the pipe to it, but it is obvious that it does not increase the volume of the pipe and is not very effective in transferring water. Tearing means bursting the pipe, by which the old pipes are torn or broken in their place and allow the new pipe to go inside with pressure in the place created by the opening of the previous pipe in its own place. If we need much more water flow in the future than the current flow, then reviving and repairing the pipes will not do much work and new pipes will be needed parallel to the previous pipes in the old system. A schematic form of the evaluation of the proposed cases for deciding on the replacement of pipes is shown in Figure 8.31 and is discussed in the following sections.

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