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تحقیق آماده در قالب فایل پاورپوینتی در مورد کشاورزی پایدار

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Dear friends, we have prepared for you a research on sustainable agriculture in PowerPoint format and beautiful slides, it is also editable and printable.


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دوستان عزیز برای شما یک تحقیق آماده در مورد کشاورزی پایدار با فرمت پاورپوینت و اسلاید های زیبا آماده کردیم همچنین با قابلیت ویرایش و پرینت گرفتن می باشد.

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تحقیق آماده در قالب فایل پاورپوینتی در مورد کشاورزی پایدار 11

قسمتی از متن انتخاب شده از داخل فایل پاورپوینتی

Sustainable agriculture, as one of the important concepts in the field of agriculture, deals with preserving the environment, improving the quality of human life and producing food products in the long term, without causing damage to natural resources. In this article, we examine different approaches and methods of sustainable agriculture and its importance in preserving the environment and food production.

مفهوم کشاورزی پایدار چیست؟
Sustainable agriculture means the production of food products with the least impact on the environment. In this approach, it is neglected that agricultural production should continue in the long term, without increasing damage to the ecosystem and natural resources. This approach, while producing sufficient and quality food products to meet the needs of society, also respects natural resources and tries to preserve them.

اهمیت کشاورزی پایدار:
Sustainable agriculture, as one of the most important approaches in the field of agriculture, plays an important role in preserving the environment and producing quality food products capable of meeting the needs of society. Considering the increase in population and the growing need to produce food products, the approach of sustainable agriculture is very important. Also, this approach can help preserve biodiversity, reduce environmental pollution and increase the resistance of agricultural products against adverse weather conditions. In addition, sustainable agriculture can help create job opportunities and economic development in rural areas.

روش‌های کشاورزی پایدار:
برای از روش‌های کشاورزی پایدار عبارتند از:

Direct sowing: in this method, without using sub-sowing, the seeds are planted directly in the ground. This method helps to maintain biodiversity, reduce economic costs and improve soil health.

کشت نواری: در این روش، بین ردیف‌های کشت، نوارهای خالی از کشت باقی می‌مانند. این روش باعث کاهش آب، کود و سم در محیط زیست می‌شود.

Cover plants: In this method, cover plants are used to preserve soil, control weeds and reduce water evaporation in the environment. These plants can improve soil health, reduce economic costs and preserve biodiversity.

Using natural fertilizers: In this method, natural fertilizers such as animal manure and green manure are used to feed plants. This method reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and helps maintain biodiversity and soil health.

Today, with the increase in agricultural production to meet the growing needs of the expanding population, concern has been raised about the future of food supply for the people. Pollution of water, soil, air and soil erosion, resistance of pests to poisons and the spread of chemical fertilizers have caused us to go back to the past and industrial crops in order to preserve resources. Agriculture that guarantees the future health of humans even though it is low. Here, we are trying to take positive steps to improve the condition of the earth by referring to methods such as livestock-pasture, agroforestry, biological control and the use of transgenic plants in order to maintain the ecological conditions of the earth.

The word stable means uniform and stable conditions. Uniform conditions include distant horizons. Lack of knowledge and sufficient information and lack of understanding about the resources, the climate of the world and its diversity, the future technology, the role of people in agriculture and the relationship between agriculture and the environment have made it difficult to predict the future of agriculture.
Sustainable agriculture is a type of agriculture that is in the direction of human benefits, is more efficient in using resources, and is in balance with the environment. In other words, sustainable agriculture should be ecologically appropriate, economically justifiable and socially desirable.

جنگل – زراعی

Cultivation is a combination of trees and crops and is still common in many parts of the world. Forest-agricultural systems, especially in tropical regions, are again of interest. Forest-agriculture has more capabilities than other agricultural systems in terms of ecology and agriculture. In this system, the movement of wind and water is reduced and soil erosion is minimized, the trees adjust the microclimate conditions by reducing the temperature and capture the air and redistribute it in the soil.

تلفیق دام و گیاه
In agricultural systems, they have a form of animal husbandry. In dry areas, animal husbandry is in the form of pastoral systems. During the last 40-50 years, livestock farming has been separated from agriculture in large farms where many inputs are consumed. Chinese people have invented a variety of agricultural systems with livestock, in which plants and livestock escape in connection with the detrital chain. In these systems, rice is the main crop. When the grain is harvested, the straw and stubble together with animal manure are composted in a biogas digester and the methane produced from this process is used for cooking and lighting. Sludge from the digester is also used to produce edible corn. After the mushroom is harvested, the remains of organic matter are returned to rice fields as fertilizer, this system is extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption and rotation of nutrients.

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