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Friends, we have prepared a complete PowerPoint file for you in beautiful slides about sports, you can download it from the magic file site.


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Ready-made research about sports in the format of a PowerPoint ppt file with the ability to edit

Friends, we have prepared for you a complete PowerPoint file with beautiful sliders about sports. You can download it from the magic file website.

Image of the sliders of this PowerPoint file

Ready-made research about sports in the format of a PowerPoint ppt file with the ability to edit 11

The information about the download file is as follows

  • File format: PowerPoint (ppt)
  • Ability to run with office versions: 2013 to the latest version
  • It has the ability to edit after downloading
  • Possibility of printing: without any problems in printing
  • تعداد اسلاید :21

The selected short text from inside the PowerPoint file about sports is as follows

Exercise, as a regular and purposeful physical activity, can help improve people's physical and mental health. Exercise can help strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular health, increase tolerance, improve mood, reduce weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and improve quality of life.

Exercise helps strengthen muscles and increases body strength and endurance. With regular sports training, muscles become stronger and the risk of breaking and damaging muscles is reduced.

Also, exercise helps improve cardiovascular health. When you exercise, your heart beats harder and improves cardiovascular function. To obtain the optimal cardiovascular benefits of exercise, it is recommended that you train vigorously and select an appropriate exercise program based on your age and condition.

Exercise can help increase the body's tolerance. With regular exercise, your body will get used to activities with more intensity and time over time. By increasing your body's tolerance, you can better enjoy your daily activities and improve your quality of life.

Exercise helps improve mood and reduce stress. When you exercise, your body releases feel-good hormones that boost your mood. Also, exercise can help reduce stress and make you feel relaxed.

چگونه ایمنی کلاس تربیت بدنی و ورزش را حفظ کنیم؟

The increasing participation of students in sports activities inside and outside the school without observing the safety principles may increase the potential of their vulnerability in educational environments. Although accurate information on the incidence of student sports accidents is not available, but teachers can by observing some of the Simple tips help to maintain health and increase the joy and happiness of students

Some teenagers and young adults may complain of back pain. Rapid growth, sudden increase in the intensity of jumping exercises and incorrect daily activities such as sitting, sleeping and carrying objects, wrong movements and stretching exercises may cause back pain. While using appropriate training movements, consult with A specialist doctor is essential

Diseases such as epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, heart problems, etc. in students cause a decrease in motor performance. Before starting sports programs at the beginning of each academic year, physical education teachers should have full knowledge of the physical and health status of students in order to prescribe suitable movement activities for them.

There is a potential for vulnerability in some actions, so it is better to prevent the implementation of the following.

خم كردن یا باز كردن بیش از حد زانو وگردن

Students' self-imposed movements and exercises that are not suitable for their growth.

Excessive stretching of the joints and throwing (bastic) movements and movements that cause severe rotation of the joints.

همچنین توجه به نكات زیر لازم وضروری می باشد .

proper support for the back and less pressure on it in stretching movements and double exercises,

Adherence to appropriate distances in the execution of two-person and group movements,

Temporary stop of tired students from performing movements and games

Reducing the number of difficulties of exercises or reducing the importance of measurement and evaluation

و...برای مطالعه کامل فایل را دانلود فرمایید.

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