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Ready research about light-mirror-lens in PowerPoint file format

تحقیق-آماده-درباره-نور-–-آینه-–-عدسی- درقالب-فایل-پاورپوینتی
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Friends, we have prepared a PowerPoint file for you in beautiful slides about light - mirror - lens. You can get it from the magical file site.


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Download ready research about light-mirror-lens in PowerPoint ppt file format with editability

Friends, we have prepared a PowerPoint file with beautiful slides about light, mirror, and lens. You can download the magical file from the site.

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تحقیق آماده درباره نور – آینه – عدسی درقالب فایل پاورپوینت 11

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  • فرمت فایل : پاورپویت ppt ) PowerPoint )
  • Ability to run with office versions: 2013 to the latest version
  • قابلیت ویرایش بعد خرید : دارد
  • Possibility of printing: without any problems in printing
  • تعداد اسلاید :59

The selected short text from inside the PowerPoint file about light-mirror-lens is as follows

Light is one of the foundations of physical science and includes the study of its behavior and characteristics throughout space and time. Mirrors and lenses are also among the components that have been studied in an effort to better understand the behavior of light. In this article, the properties of light, mirrors and lenses will be investigated.

بخش اول: نور
Light, as one of the foundations of physics, has a behavior that can be described with the help of physical laws and theories. Light is a type of electromagnetic waves that moves at a constant speed (299,792,458 meters per second) in space.

Light, due to its wave nature, has properties such as wavelength, frequency and intensity. Wavelength is the phase distance between two similar points on the wave. Frequency is the number of revolutions a wave makes in one second. Light intensity is the amount of light energy per unit time and unit area.

Light, with its relationship with matter, can make shape, color, movement, etc. visible to us. By changing the intensity, frequency and wavelength of light, these properties can be changed.

ماهیت ذر‌ه‌ای
In his treatise on light, Isaac Newton wrote that light rays are small particles emitted from a luminous body. Probably, Isaac Newton considered light as a particle because in homogeneous environments it seems to propagate along a straight line, which is called a law, and one of the good examples to explain it is the formation of shadows.
ماهیت موجی
At the same time as Newton, Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) favored another explanation in which the motion of light is wave-like and propagates from light sources in all directions. Remember that Huygens used fundamental waves and wavelets. Second explained the laws of reflection and refraction. Other facts that are justified by the idea that light is a wave are interference phenomena such as the formation of light and dark friezes due to the reflection of light from thin layers or the diffraction of light around the barrier.
ماهیت الکترومغناطیس
It is largely due to the genius of James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) that we know today that light is a form of electromagnetic energy, usually described as electromagnetic waves. The full spectrum of electromagnetic waves includes: radio waves, infrared radiation, visible light from red to violet, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays and gamma rays.
ماهیت کوانتومی نور
According to the quantum mechanical theory of light, which was first proposed by Planck, Albert Einstein and Bohr in the first two decades of the 20th century, electromagnetic energy is quantized, that is, the absorption or emission of electromagnetic field energy is done in discrete amounts called "photons".
نظریه مکملی
The new theory of light includes principles from the definitions of Newton and Huygens. Therefore, it is said that light has a dual property, some phenomena such as interference and diffraction show its wave property, and others such as photoelectric phenomenon, Compton phenomenon, etc. can be explained by the particle property of light.

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