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 تحقیق آماده درباره نقش فیزیک در پزشکی درقالب فایل پاورپوینتی

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Friends, we have prepared a PowerPoint file with beautiful slides about the role of physics in medicine. You can get it from the magical file website.


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تحقیق آماده درباره نقش فیزیک در پزشکی درقالب فایل پاورپوینتی ppt با قابلیت ویرایش

Friends, we have prepared a PowerPoint file with beautiful slides about the role of physics in medicine. You can download the magical file from the website.

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تحقيق آماده درباره نقش فیزیک در پزشکی 11

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File format: PowerPoint (ppt)
Ability to run with office versions: 2013 to the latest version
قابلیت ویرایش بعد خرید : دارد
Possibility of printing: without any problems in printing
تعداد اسلاید :54

متن انتخاب شده کوتاه از داخل فایل پاورپوینتی در مورد نقش فیزیک در پزشکی به شرح زیر است

Physics, as one of the basic sciences, plays a very important role in many scientific fields, including medicine. In this article, we are going to examine the role of physics in medicine.

One of the main applications of physics in medicine is the treatment of diseases using medical technologies. Technologies such as radiation therapy, medical imaging and diagnostic medical devices such as MRI and CT scan use the results of physical research. For example, the treatment of cancer diseases using radiation therapy is based on physical principles. In this method, high-energy rays are sent to cancer cells to destroy them.

نقش فیزیک در پزشکی
To diagnose diseases, doctors use a variety of simple devices such as thermometers and barometers, medical phones (stethoscopes) to very complex devices such as electron microscopes, lasers, and holographs, all of which are designed and built based on the laws of physics. In this section, we will discuss the construction and working methods of some of them.
رادیوگرافى و رادیوسكوپى
Radiography is taking pictures of the body with X-rays and radioscopy is direct observation of the body with those rays. In ordinary photography, the light that is reflected from things and affects the photographic film is used, while in radiography, they use the rays that pass through the body.

X-rays were first discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen, professor of physics at the University of Würzburg, Germany. This discovery was very surprising and its news was quickly published in the newspapers of the world. It is interesting that X-rays worked on cathode rays

And by chance, he realized that when these rays, which are fast electrons, hit hard materials and heavy metals, unknown rays are produced. He called these rays X-rays, meaning unknown.

X-rays have a very high penetrating power. They easily pass through paper, cardboard, wood, meat and even light metals such as aluminum, but heavy metals such as lead prevent them from passing through.

X-rays do not pass through the bones of the body, which are made of heavy materials, while they pass through the flesh of the body easily. This property has caused it to be used to take pictures of the bones of the body and determine the location of bone fractures.

و...برای مطالعه کامل فایل را دانلود فرمایید.

برای دریافت  تحقیق آماده درباره نقش فیزیک در پزشکی درقالب فایل پاورپوینتی بر روی لینک زیر کلیک فرمایید

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