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تحقیق آماده درباره برنامه ریزی آموزشی ودرسی  و مدیریت در قالب فرمت فایل ورد

تحقیق-آماده-درباره-برنامه-ریزی-آموزشی-ودرسی- و-مدیریت-در-قالب-فرمت-فایل-ورد
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Today, for you dear users of the Saharamaz file website, we have prepared a research about educational and lesson planning and management. We hope it will satisfy you dear ones.


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دانلود تحقیق آماده درباره برنامه ریزی آموزشی ودرسی و مدیریت در قالب فرمت فایل ورد با قابلیت ویرایش

امروز برای شما کاربران عزیز وبسایت فایل سحرآمیز یک تحقیق آماده درباره برنامه ریزی آموزشی ودرسی و مدیریت قرار دادیم امیدواریم مورد رضایت شما عزیزان واقع شده باشد.

مشخصات فایل دانلود تحقیق آماده در مورد بصورت زیر می باشد

  • عنوان: برنامه ریزی آموزشی ودرسی و مدیریت
  • زبان : فارسی
  • قابلیت ویرایش : دارد
  • فرمت فایل : docx word (قابل ویرایش)
  • تعداد صفحه : 106
  • چاپ : بدون مشکل در پرینت گرفتن

بخشی کوتاه از متن این مقاله برنامه ریزی آموزشی ودرسی و مدیریت در آورده شده است :

Educational and curriculum planning and management is very important in schools and universities and is used as a tool to improve the quality of teaching and learning. In this article, we examine the principles of educational and curriculum planning and management in education.

Educational and lesson planning includes determining educational goals, preparing content and educational resources, identifying educational methods and evaluating students' learning. In this program, educational goals and curriculum content should be determined according to the needs of students and the needs of society. Also, teaching methods should be specified according to the type of lesson and the type of students.

In educational management, attention should be paid to the management of resources and their optimal use. It includes human, financial, physical and technological management. Human management includes the management of faculty members, staff and students. By establishing good relationships with these people, the best use of human resources can be achieved.

مدیریت مالی شامل برنامه‌ریزی و استفاده بهینه از منابع مالی است. در این بخش، باید به تعیین بودجه مناسب برای آموزش و پرداخت هزینه‌های مختلف مرتبط با آموزش پرداخت شود.

مدیریت فیزیکی شامل مدیریت فضاهای آموزشی و تأمین تجهیزات و امکانات مربوط به آموزش است. برای بهترین استفاده از منابع فیزیکی، باید فضاهای آموزشی بهینه و مناسب انتخاب شوند و تجهیزات مورد نیاز برای آموزش فراهم شود.

Technology management includes the use of technology in education. By using technology, education can be made more attractive and of higher quality. But for the optimal use of technology, attention should be paid to the needs of students and the content of the course.

همچنین، ارزیابی آموزشی برای تعیین میزان یادگیری دانش‌آموزان و بهبود روند آموزش مورد استفاده قرار می‌گیرد. ارزیابی می‌تواند شامل ارزیابی دوره‌ای، ارزیابی نهایی و ارزیابی فرایندی باشد.

در کل، برنامه ریزی آموزشی و درسی و مدیریت در آموزش، به عنوان ابزاری برای بهبود کیفیت آموزش و یادگیری، بسیار مهم است. با توجه به نیازهای جامعه و نیازهای دانش‌آموزان، باید برنامه‌ریزی مناسب انجام شود

- تشخیص مفاهیم :

تعریف مدیریت

Definitions of management often give originality either to the individual and the social group or to the organization. For example: "Follett" (Follett) considers management "the art of doing work by others". This definition is not only inconsistent with neoclassical theoretical teachings, but can be used to justify an exploitative system. In fact, it is the speaker's philosophical mentality or special point of view that makes his definition biased. Originality is with both the individual and the organization, but according to the type and nature of the organization, only the importance of each of them will differ. Considering the above, a definition of management is provided below: "Management is the ability to develop and coordinate the processes of self-leadership of organization members in connection with and aligned with the goals of the organization.
In schools, the norms of society are mixed with the norms that condemn teaching as a specialized profession, and these two sets of norms provide the basis for what should be done and how it should be done. In this sense, teaching becomes a collective practice from an individual practice. In collective action, teachers not only teach skillfully, but also ask for help when needed. They share their insight and knowledge of teaching with each other, they prefer the success of the school over the success of the classroom. In collective action, cooperation with equality is presented as a symbol of the sanctity of the profession. If teaching is to be considered a collective matter, "professional authority" and "moral authority" should form the driving force of educational operations. It is in that case that educational guidance will originate from within the education workers, especially teachers and administrators, and academic guidance as it is known today, will not be imposed on them from the outside. Some administrators consider the duties of school administration to be planning, organizing, coordinating, leading and controlling, and for this reason, they are misinterpreted in the understanding of some of these types of duties. For example, they relate the scope of control to the non-educational aspects of the work environment, which may be problematic.

وظایف مدیــــران در امــــور اداری و مالــــــی
آماده كردن بودجه مدرسه، ایجاد یك سیستم حسابرسی داخلی، نظارت بر خریدهای مدرسه، حسابرســـی پولهـای مدرسه، حسابرسی متعلقات مدرسه و نظارت بر انجام بی دردســر كارهای اداری.

مدیریت آموزشی
مدیریت آموزشی
Management is one of the pillars of organization and society, and the need for management and leadership in all fields of social activities is noticeable and vital. Educational management has a special and sensitive position among other types of management. If the education of any society is at the top of all the issues of the society, the educational management also has an important place in the development of the society with the same logic. Today, the management and leadership of organizations and institutions largely depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of management. Therefore, if the educational managers of the society have enough skills and knowledge, we will undoubtedly have an effective educational system. The educational manager and leader, in addition to the knowledge and ability in the technical and human fields of his work, must be able to consider the tasks of education, leadership and management in a general social, cultural, political and economic context. In other words, in addition to technical and human skills, he should have perceptive skills. Perceptive skill refers to the ability to understand and recognize the complexities of the educational organization's work. Acquiring such a skill requires training, work experience and thinking.

The consequence of responding to the increasing demand for education is the expansion of the educational system in the form of a huge and extensive organization that deals with a large number of students, performs numerous and diverse tasks, and employs many employees with various knowledge and skills. It consumes huge material and financial resources and brings wide-ranging effects and results. The workflow and activities of such organizations, without a doubt, require conscious planning and intelligent organization, and the effectiveness of its sensitive and critical services requires effective leadership and management. The process of education deals with human beings, and because human beings are complex beings, therefore, the educational system and its workers are engaged in fulfilling the most difficult and responsible social tasks. In any well-considered and rational educational system that has clear goals and a specific program, the performance of educational duties and activities and their leadership should be entrusted to competent and competent people. Therefore, educational managers are those who play a role in educational and educational decisions, and their behavior and actions directly affect the flow of education. Therefore, we consider especially the heads of education, assistants and educational experts, school principals, educational guides, educational coaches and teachers as educational managers.
تعاریف مدیریت آموزشی
مدیـــریت در مفهوم کلـــی و عام آن به شکلها و با دیدگاههـــای متفاوت تعریف شده است از جملــــه:
?- مدیریت به وجود آوردن و حفظ کردن محیطی است که در آن افراد بتوانند در جهت برآوردن هدفهای معینی به طور موثر و کار آمد فعالیت کنند.
?- مدیریت فرایند برنامه ریزی، سازماندهی، هدایت و کنترل کوششهای اعضای سازمان و استفاده از تمام منابع سازمان برای دستیابی به اهداف معین سازمانی است.
?- هماهنگی همه منابع از طریق فراگردهای برنامه ریزی و کنترل عملیات سازمان به طوری که هدفها را بتوان به طور موثر و صرفه جویانه حاصل نمود.
?- کارکردن با افراد به وسیله افراد و گروهها برای تحقق هدفهای سازمانی.
?- راهنمایــــی، کنترل و اداره امور مربوط به جریان تعلیـــم و تربیت در سازمانهای تربیتــــی.
انواع سبکهای مدیریت :
Although management in leadership is a similar process that generally has a similar strategy in every organization and group, but in terms of some characteristics, differences between types of management can be observed. It is clear that even though all managers are responsible for leading and directing a large or small group to achieve certain goals, this process may be carried out in different ways, each of which is classified as a specific management style. .
رهبری فرهمند
Cultivation is the process by which leaders influence their followers by arousing emotions and align them with them. Successful leaders motivate their followers through emotions and do not confuse them with detailed information. These charismatic leaders usually presented an extreme vision of the new world to free their followers from crises and were believed by their followers to have extraordinary inner talents, trusted and rarely found in global business organizations.
But on the other hand, at the same time as global competition became more serious and the international economy was shaky, the level of trust in various organizations and nations began to fluctuate, and Farahmand's leadership gradually received more attention from the institutions and governments of the world. Cultivated leaders have high expectations from their followers, but at the same time, they are realistic. With their behavior, they create a model or an example to be imitated by their followers.

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