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Prepared research about standing in the format of a PowerPoint ppt file with the ability to edit

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Friends, we have prepared a complete PowerPoint file for you in beautiful sliders about standing. You can get this file at the lowest possible price from the magical file store.


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Prepared research about standing in the format of a PowerPoint ppt file with the ability to edit

Friends, we have prepared for you a complete PowerPoint file with beautiful slides about standing. You can download the magical file from the website.

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Standing is one of the basic human activities that are performed during the day. This activity seems simple, but if not done correctly, it can cause pain and damage to the body. This article examines how to stand correctly and its benefits.

نحوه ایستادن درست:
To stand properly, it is better to focus on your feet and distribute your body weight evenly between the two feet. Also, you should maintain the height of your head and neck and do not lean forward a little. Place your arms naturally by your side and keep your back straight. Finally, it is better to use shoes that are well adapted to the arch of your foot.

راه رفتن
ایستادن و راه رفتن
Improper standing causes the head to hang and the body to contract. In such a situation, a person has less self-confidence and feels insecure and humiliated in life. However, if we stand straight, we will carry self-confidence throughout life.
ایستادن نادرست) آزاد بودن)
In this position, the person's upper body is towards the back and the pelvis is towards the front. If it repeats, it will cause a slouchy back.
ایستادن نادرست (سر کج )

در این وضعیت فرد سرخود را به یک سمت کج می کند و در صورت تکرار باعث عارضه سر کج می شود .
راه رفتن و ایستادن نادرست ( باحالت خمیده)

Some people have a habit of bending their head downwards while standing and walking, thus the back vertebrae are also bent, and repeating this position causes complications of the head moving forward and back.

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