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Download ready research on ecophysiology with PowerPoint file

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Dear friends, we have prepared for you a research on ecophysiology in PowerPoint format and beautiful slides. It is also editable and printable. You can easily change it.


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Download ready research on ecophysiology with PowerPoint file

Dear friends, we have prepared for you a research on ecophysiology in PowerPoint format and beautiful slides. It is also editable and printable, you can easily change it.

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Ecophysiology is actually a branch of biology that studies the relationship between plants and their environment. In this article, we will introduce the concepts of ecophysiology, various factors that affect the growth and development of plants, and how plants adapt to different environmental conditions.

مفاهیم اکوفیزیولوژی
Ecophysiology uses biological and physiological concepts to understand how the environment affects plants. In general, in ecophysiology, issues related to the interaction of plants with their environment are divided into two categories: nutrition and growth.

Nutrition is done by absorbing nutrients from the soil, sunlight and other environmental factors. Growth is accomplished by increasing the volume of plant cells through the production of dry matter (such as glucose and other carbohydrates) and cell division.

عوامل مؤثر در رشد و توسعه گیاهان
The development and growth of plants is influenced by various factors, some of which are mentioned below:

1. نور
Light is very important as an energy source for plants. Sunlight causes photosynthesis, which for each mole of glucose, ? A mole of oxygen is produced. Also, light is an effective factor in the growth and development of plants and can have a great effect on the morphology of plants.

2. دما
Temperature is another effective factor in plant growth. Every plant needs the right temperature for its growth and development. In fact, temperature acts as a limiter for plant growth and with temperature changes, it can affect plant growth.


The cotyledons are light green and egg-shaped, and their length is 1.5 to 2 times their width. The first real leaves are dotted and their surface is covered by white powder.

The stem is upright and emerges from the middle of the rosette leaves. The stem is firm. It has secondary branches and is covered with gray hairs. Its color is dark brown to black at the base and silvery gray to greenish gray in the upper parts.


Tarteh has two types of leaves, one is the basal or rosette leaves and the other is the leaves that are on the stem and they are called stem leaves. The gray color can be seen.. The leaves of this plant are bitter and that is why it is called bitter in Persian.
The basal leaves are silvery green when young and turn gray later. These leaves are more or less spear-shaped, 15 cm long and 2-3 cm wide, toothed with irregular cuts and short petioles.

The stem leaves are similar to the basal leaves but slightly smaller, 5 to 7 cm long without alternating and linear petioles, and their margins are smooth or have relatively few cuts. Stem leaves become smaller and have no cuts as they approach the tip of the stem


The bitter plant contains a substance called repin. Repin is a chemical substance that can cause the death of domestic animals. Long-term contact with bitter gourd may cause skin sensitivity in humans

گل ها

The inflorescence is completely feathery and the flowers are purple, pink, purple and rarely white. Generally, the feather is located individually at the end of each stem or its branches, and their diameter is 2.5 cm at the time of opening. The bracts that surround the flowers are white, wide, thin, with a papery margin and dense hairs.
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