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Download research on the preparation of echinoderms in editable PowerPoint ppt format

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the magical website, we have prepared a research on the preparation of echinoderms in an editable PowerPoint ppt format ready for download.


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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a magical file of a research on the preparation of echinoderms in an editable PowerPoint ppt format ready for download.

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Echinoderms, or echinoderms, are a group of spiny-skinned mammals found throughout the world. These animals are biologically very diverse and can live in different environments including rainforests, deserts, islands and seas. In this article, the characteristics of echinoderms and their life will be investigated.

بخش اول: معرفی خار پوستان

Echinoderms are a group of mammals with spiny skin that are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions. These animals are found all over the world and are very biologically diverse. Echinoderms protect themselves from the attacks of dangerous animals such as lions, wolves and leopards due to their hard and prickly skin.

خار پوستان دارای ویژگی‌های زیستی مشترکی هستند که شامل موارد زیر می‌شوند:

Spiny skin: The spiny skin of echinoderms contains hard spines made of keratin. These spines act as a defense system for echinoderms and protect them from attacks by animals such as lions, wolves and leopards.

Duodenum: Echinoderms have a duodenum, which includes the duodenum, true duodenum, and small duodenum. The digestive tract of echinoderms forms the digestive tract, and the small true duodenum is used to absorb food.

Tail: The tail of echinoderms is used as a defensive tool. Many echinoderms have a barbed tail, which is used as a defensive tool to pose a threat to animals such as lions, wolves, and leopards.

Social Structure: Many echinoderms live in groups and communicate through social structures such as families or social groups.

بخش دوم: خار پوستان برای محافظت از خود از چه ابزارهایی استفاده می‌کنند؟

Echinoderms protect themselves by using various tools such as spiny skin, spiny tail, as well as defensive techniques such as excrement. In the following, these tools and techniques will be examined

Echinoderms are invertebrates whose body structure is more evolved than other invertebrates and they all live in the sea. The body of echinoderms is covered by a skeleton made of crystallized calcite pieces. It is an internal skeleton and it is composed of bones made of calcium carbonate.
اسکلت اين جانوران حامل ترشح داخلي بوده و مانند اسکلت مهره داران اندازه قطعات سخت در طول زندگي افزايش مي‌يابد
Echinoderms basically have three coeloms. Visceral cell, blood cell and circulating water cell. The structural basis of these public holes is almost the same in all members of the echinoderm branch. The main public cavity is the coelom around the viscera, which is sometimes covered by tissue masses such as crinoids and sometimes occupied by sacs such as ophiuroids. The space around the viscera in the arms is also extended and more or less divided by the peritoneum containing the organs. The rest of the visceral coelom consists of small spaces that are related to the nervous system, blood and reproductive glands.
خارپوستان جانوراني با تقارن پنج وجهي مي‌باشند. آبزي بوده و همگي در آب دريا آزادانه شنا مي‌کنند.
خارپوستان فاقد سر مي‌باشند .
In the embryonic stage, the general cavity has three parts, and these three cavities in the maturity stage become water circulation system, general coelomic space and axocoel as a result of their development.
Echinoderms have a complex water circulation system that consists of a series of cellular channels and surface wrinkles that together form tube feet.
هيچ‌گونه اندام دفعي در اين جانوران مشاهده نمي‌شود.
جنسها از يکديگر جدا بوده و لقاح خارجي مي‌باشد.
6 orders of echinoderms are recognized by their appearance and the arrangement of the ambulacral plates which include the ambulacral legs and the interambulacral plates which lack legs. The mouth is placed in the center of the mouth plate and the denominator, if any, is located on the opposite plate.

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