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Download editable research on electricity in Word file format

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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, a magic file, a research about electricity that can be edited in Word file format.


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Download editable research on electricity in Word file format

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a research file about electricity that can be edited in Word file format.

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  • عنوان: برق
  • فرمت: word (قابل ويرايش)
  • زبان : فارسي
  • قابليت ويرايش : دارد
  • فرمت فايل : docx
  • تعداد صفحه : 27 صفحه
  • چاپ : بدون مشکل در چاپ گرفتن

بخشي از فهرست مطالب اين مقاله الکتريسيته و مغناطيس :

  • تئوري الکتروني اتم
  • اثر بارهاي الکتريکي بر يکديگر و قانون کولن
  • ميدان الکتريکي و شدت ميدان
  • ميدان الکتريکي يکنواخت
  • اختلاف پتانسيل و تغييرات انرژي پتانسيل
  • خازن
  • شدت جريان و مقاومت الکترکي
  • Driving force and calculation of potential difference and current intensity in the circuit
  • توان وراندمان
  • مقاومت
  • مدارهاي خازن و مقاومت
  • اتصال مدارها
  • مغناطيس
  • مواد
  • آهن ربا
  • نيروي وارد بر بار در ميدان مغناطيسي
  • نيروي وارد برسيم حامل جريان در ميدان مغناطيسي
  • نيروي حاصل از دويا چند سيم بار دار
  • شدت ميدان در يک سيم پيچ
  • جريان القائي و قانون لنز
  • قانون القاي الکترومغناطيس
  • محاسبه جريان خود القائي
  • محاسبه ضريب خود القائي
  • جريان متناوب
  • مدار جريان متناوب
  • توان تلف شده در مقاومت

Electricity is one of the most important sources of energy in the world, which is used in various industries and daily affairs. Basically, electricity is a type of dynamic energy that is created by electric current and allows us to move all kinds of devices and electronics.

Electricity is divided into two types, AC and DC. The abbreviation of these two terms is Alternating Current and Direct Current. AC current is commonly used in municipal power grids and it has far less permeability than DC current for energy transfer, which is considered to be about 55% for DC. Given that AC current can easily be generated at higher voltage levels, it is very simple to make changes in the voltage level.

Considering the high capacity of electricity production and transmission, the use of this type of energy is fundamental in the country's industrial path. In many countries, fossil fuels such as lime, coal, oil and gas are used to generate electricity. However, recently due to the limitations in the capacity of fossil fuels, the volume of electricity production due to the use of renewable energies such as wind, sun, and water is always increasing.

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