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Prepared research on teaching methods and techniques in PowerPoint file format

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Today, for you, dear researchers, we have prepared a ready-made article about teaching methods and techniques ready for download.


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دانلود Prepared research on teaching methods and techniques in PowerPoint file format با قابليت ويرايش

امروز براي شما پژوهشگران عزيز يک مقاله آماده درباره شيوه و فنون روش تدريس آماده دانلود قرار داديم مي توانيد به عنوان تحقيق ارايه دهيد همچنين با قابليت ويرايش در فرمت فايل پاورپوينت مي باشد

جزييات فايل بصورت زير مي باشد

  • عنوان : شيوه و فنون روش تدريس
  • فرمت فايل : پاورپوينت ppt PowerPoint
  • Applicability with Office versions: 2013 to the latest version
  • It has the ability to edit after downloading
  • Possibility of printing: without any problem in printing
  • تعداد اسلايدها : 33
  • ترم 2 ارشد مامايي

اسکرين شات اسلايدر هاي اين تحقيق شيوه و فنون روش تدريس

تحقيق آماده درباره شيوه و فنون روش تدريس 11

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شیوه‌ها و فنون تدریس متنوعی وجود دارد که این شیوه‌ها و فنون به طور گسترده در مدارس، دانشگاه‌ها، و دیگر مراکز آموزشی استفاده می‌شوند.

بعضی از شیوه‌ها و فنون تدریس شامل موارد زیر می‌شوند:

Cognitive teaching method: This method includes the use of cognitive approaches to provide better learning for students. For example, this method can include the use of scatter charts, tables, and colorful figures.

Participatory teaching method: This method includes encouraging students to participate in various activities and group work. This method can include things like discussion sessions, interactive workshops and group exercises.

Competition-based teaching method: This method involves encouraging students to compete with each other to achieve a specific goal. For example, this method can include student competitions, team competitions and speed and accuracy exercises.

شیوه تدریس مبتنی بر تجربه: این شیوه شامل ایجاد تجربیات واقعی برای دانش‌آموزان است. به عنوان مثال، این شیوه می‌تواند شامل بازدید از موزه‌ها، کارگاه‌های عملی و تمرینات کاربردی باشد.

Search-based teaching method: This method includes encouraging students to search for materials and self-learning. For example, this method can include independent projects, reading books and articles, and searching for information on the Internet.

شيوه و فنون روش تدريس
Training people using technology and information and communication. In this educational system, the learner can learn the material based on his own desire and ability without the need for the presence of a teacher. In virtual education, all activities are conducted through an electronic web network.
آموزش مجازي
E-learning is a growing industry, if we want to see when it has been known and used, we have to go back to the years ???? And even before that, it was used in different forms such as distance education and television courses.
Continue... Currently, the most cost-effective solutions available for electronic learning are computers and the Internet, which are the best tools used for electronic learning today, especially in education, and are easily accessible anywhere.
تعريف يادگيري الکترونيکي :
امروزه تعاريف مختلفي از e larning شده است که بطور مختصر چند نمونه شامل :
نوعي يادگيري از تلاقي اينترنت با مفهوم يادگيري بوجود آمده است که در فضاي اينترنت حاصل مي آيد.
و ... براي مطالعه و دسترسي به متن کامل فايل شيوه و فنون روش تدريس را دانلود فرماييد

برای دریافت Prepared research on teaching methods and techniques in PowerPoint file format بر روی لینک زیر کلیک فرمایید

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