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Download the ready-made research on rain in PowerPoint format with editing capability

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Saharamaz website, we have prepared a ready-made research about rain in PowerPoint format with the ability to edit.


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Download the ready-made research on rain in PowerPoint format with editing capability

Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared a ready-made research file about rain in PowerPoint format with the ability to edit.

اسکرين شات پروژه باران

تحقيق آماده در مورد باران در قالب پاورپوينت با قابليت ويرايش 11

  • توضيحات در مورد فايل دانلودي
  • عنوان: باران
  • فرمت: POWERPOINT پاورپونت (قابل ويرايش)
  • چاپ : بدون هيچ گونه مشکل در پرينت گرفتن
  • تعداد اسلايد: 67 اسلايد قابل ويرايش
  • زبان : فارسي

قسمتي از مطالب مقاله آماده باران :

Rain is a type of meteorology that sometimes falls on the earth, sea and other earth surfaces in the form of water drops. This process begins with the evaporation of water in the ocean, rivers, lakes and other water sources and ends with the formation of clouds and rain.

عوامل تشکيل باران

تشکيل باران به دليل ترکيبي از چندين عامل است که شامل موارد زير مي‌شود:

تبخير: اين عمل به معناي تبديل آب به بخار است که در نتيجه‌ي آن آب از سطح زمين، رودخانه‌ها، درياچه‌ها و ساير منابع آبي به هوا منتقل مي‌شود.
تبديل بخار به ابر: هنگامي که بخار آب به هواي سرد برخورد مي‌کند، به شکل قطرات آب تبديل مي‌شود و ابرها را شکل مي‌دهد.
بارش باران: در نهايت، براي اينکه بارش باران شروع شود، بايد قطرات آب درون ابرها به اندازه کافي بزرگ شوند تا از چگالي بالاي خود بيرون آيند.
نوع باران ها

باران را مي‌توان بر اساس موارد زير دسته‌بندي کرد:

باران خيس: باراني که به شکل قطرات آب بزرگ و سنگين باريده و معمولاً مربوط به ابرهاي رسيده به زمين است.
Dry rain: rain that falls in the form of small and light water drops and often evaporates strongly, like the rain that falls in desert areas and is very rare.
باران برف: باراني که به شکل برف باريده و معمولاً در مناطق سرد و نيمه سرد به زمين مي‌افتد.
تأثيرات باران
In addition, during the year's conflicts in Kosovo, many thought that the Serbs were able to intercept the F-??? Track the US Air Force and shoot down one of them. The previous research of one of the researchers of the University of Essex had also shown the usability of these signal drops and rises to measure rainfall. But his proposed plans needed a special type of communication between mobile phone stations. The beauty and attractiveness of this scientist's research is that it does not need to rearrange networks and uses the same information collected by mobile phone companies to obtain meteorological data. In other words, the raw materials of his design are completely free.
Of course, as long as communication companies do not open a new row in their budget for this information. One of the serious environmental problems that humanity is dealing with in most parts of the world today is acid rain. Acid rain refers to phenomena such as acid fog and acid snow, which are accompanied by significant amounts of acid falling from the sky.

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