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For you, dear users of the magical file website, we have prepared a ready research about oscilloscope or editable word for download.


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دانلود تحقيق آماده در مورد اسيلوسکوپ با ورد word قابل ويرايش

برای شما کاربران عزیز وبسایت فایل سحرآمیز یک تحقيق آماده در مورد اسيلوسکوپ یا ورد word قابل ويرايش را آماده دانلود قرار داده ایم.

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  • عنوان: اسيلوسکوپ
  • فرمت: word (قابل ويرايش)
  • زبان : فارسي
  • قابليت ويرايش : دارد
  • فرمت فايل : docx
  • تعداد صفحه : 13 صفحه
  • چاپ : بدون مشکل در چاپ گرفتن

بخشي از مطالب اين مقاله اسيلوسکوپ :

An oscilloscope is one of the most important measuring devices in electronics and physics, which is used to measure electrical signals and display them graphically. This device allows electronic engineers and physicists to accurately examine electrical signals and measure their characteristics. In the following, the introduction of the oscilloscope, its components, its types and its applications will be discussed.

مفهوم اسیلوسکوپ

An oscilloscope is an electronic device used to measure and display electrical signals. In fact, this device is used to display the waveform of the electrical signal graphically. An oscilloscope is used to measure electrical signals in different frequency and voltage ranges, and as a result, engineers use this device to examine and detail electrical signals.

اجزای اسیلوسکوپ

اسیلوسکوپ شامل چند قسمت اصلی است که در ادامه به شرح آن‌ها می‌پردازیم:

General circuit: This part includes an amplifier and a splitter circuit. The amplifier is used to amplify the electrical signal and the splitter circuit is used to break the electrical signal into positive and negative parts.

لوله‌ی تونل: این قسمت شامل یک لوله‌ی تونل است که برای تولید پالس‌های الکتریکی با فرکانس بالا استفاده می‌شود.

پره‌ی چرخان: این قسمت شامل یک پره‌ی چرخان است که برای تحریک الکترون‌ها در داخل لوله‌ی تونل استفاده می‌شود.

Line Expander Chip: This part contains a line expander chip which is used to display the electrical signal graphically.

دسته‌ی محوری: این قسمت شامل دسته‌ی محوری است که برای حرکت تراشه‌ی گسترش‌ده‌ی خطی به بالا و پایین استفاده می‌شود.

An oscilloscope is a useful and multifunctional laboratory device that is used to display and measure, analyze waveforms and other phenomena of electrical and electronic circuits.
Oscilloscopes are really fast graphs that display the input signal against time or against another signal. The pen of this painter is a light spot that is created by the impact of an electron beam on a fluorescent screen.
Due to the very low laxity of the electron beam, this beam can be used to follow instantaneous changes (voltages that change very quickly, or very high frequencies). Oscilloscope works based on voltage. Of course, with the help of converters (transistors), electric current and other physical and mechanical quantities can be converted into voltage.
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