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Ready research on clouds in editable PowerPoint ppt format

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Today, in this post, we have prepared a ready-made research on clouds in an editable PowerPoint ppt format for you, the users of the Saharamaz website, ready to download.


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دانلود Ready research on clouds in editable PowerPoint ppt format

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Ready research on clouds in editable PowerPoint ppt format

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  • توضيحات در مورد فايل دانلودي
  • عنوان: ابرها
  • فرمت: POWERPOINT پاورپونت (قابل ويرايش)
  • چاپ : بدون هيچ گونه مشکل در پرينت گرفتن
  • تعداد اسلايد: 39 اسلايد قابل ويرايش
  • زبان : فارسي

قسمتي از مطالب مقاله آماده ابرها :

Clouds are a population of water droplets or ice crystals in the atmosphere that are mixed with air. Clouds are usually found at high altitudes above the ground and in different layers of the atmosphere, and they are one of the natural and amazing phenomena that have a special beauty. In this article, the types of clouds, their formation methods and their important role in climate balance are discussed.

انواع ابرها

ابرها داراي انواع مختلفي هستند که براساس ارتفاع، شکل و ضخامت آن‌ها دسته‌بندي شده‌اند. در زير به برخي از انواع ابرها اشاره مي‌شود:

ابرهاي سيروس: ابرهايي هستند که در ارتفاع بسيار بالايي از زمين قرار مي‌گيرند و مربوط به لايه‌هاي بالاي جو هستند.
ابرهاي ساحلي: ابرهايي هستند که به طور عمده در نواحي ساحلي و به دليل نزديکي دريا به زمين، شکل مي‌گيرند.
ابرهاي باراني: اين ابرها در ارتفاعات پايين‌تر و نزديک به سطح زمين شکل مي‌گيرند و معمولاً با بارش باران همراه هستند.
شکل‌گيري ابرها

Clouds are formed from a combination of water vapor and other gases in the atmosphere. When water vapor is added to the air and as a result the heating of the air decreases, the water vapor turns into water droplets and forms a cloud. Due to the high density of water droplets in them, clouds significantly limit the sunlight and for this reason they play an important role in climate balance.

ابرها توده هاي قابل رويت قطرات اب يا بلورهاي يخ بوده كه در تروپوسفر زمين (پست ترين لايه جو زمين) شناورندو با نيروي باد حركت مي كنند. ابرها از فضا به صورت پوشش سفيدي كه كره زمين را احاطه كرده اند قابل رويت هستند.
Clouds are formed when water vapor condenses on tiny dust particles that are suspended in the air. This distillation (cloud formation) happens when hot and cold air meet. When warm air rises from one side of a mountain or when it moves over a cold area like a volume of cool water, it cools. The reason for this phenomenon is that cold air is able to retain less vapor than warm air, and the excess vapor is compressed in the form of liquid or ice.
پيشوندها و پسوندهاي مورد استفاده براي توصيف ابرها:
Clouds are known according to their appearance and height. For example, siro (meaning bunch of hair) is a prefix used for clouds at high altitude (above 20,000 feet). Alto is a prefix used for middle clouds (between 6000 and 20000 feet). There is no prefix for low altitude clouds. When the clouds are close to the ground, they are called fog. Nimbus (meaning rain) is a prefix that is used for clouds that can rain. The suffix nimbus also has the same use. cumulus (meaning mass) refers to accumulated clouds and starto (meaning layer) refers to broad, smooth regional clouds.
سيرو استراتوس (Cirrostratus) :
These clouds can be seen as thin net-like cirrus that are made of small white clouds compressed in the shape of a woolen ball and due to the transparency of the sun, moon and stars can be seen from behind them and often form a halo around the sun and moon. This aura is the result of the refraction of light by ice crystals suspended in the air. The appearance of these clouds is a sign of approaching stormy weather, and in this sense, these clouds can be seen before the arrival of bad weather or stormy conditions.

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