Source and code to convert Word file docx to html with #c C#

سورس-و-کد-تبدیل-فایل-ورد-docx-به-html-با-#c سی-شارپ
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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Sahramiz website, we have put a source file and the code to convert the word docx file to html with #c C# ready for download.


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Download the source and code to convert the word docx file to html with #c C#

This article is a solution to that problem and also helps C# developers to do Docx-HTML-Docx conversion. The resources found in this article have been collected from various places and solutions provided by many great developers around the world and combined into a small sample application so that developers don't have to look for solutions to common problems.

Sample image at runtime

Source and code to convert Word file docx to html with #c C#


  • DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll ( [To convert Docx to Html]
  • DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll (2.5.5631.0) [To convert Html to Docx]
  • We actually didn't have to add two different sets of the same DLL, but it was forced due to some DLL issues.
  • OpenXmlPowerTools.dll
  • System.IO.Packaging.dll (
  • HtmlToOpenXml (
  • System.Drawing[افزودن مرجع]
  • System.IO.Compression[افزودن مرجع]
  • CKEditor (Standard 4.6.1) - Your choice

 توجه: You can also find the DLLs mentioned above in the project I have attached with this article.

Docx to HTML has become a very common requirement these days, mainly if you have or are building a CMS and your WYSIWYG editor wants this feature. Also, if you noticed, you can find many questions about converting Docx to Html on StackOverflow.

This editor on which I wrote my article also has its Paste from Word button. It would be much better if it had the ability to directly upload the docx file next to it. I hope this feature will be available in all WYSIWYG editors soon.

Moving on to what this article intends to do, as shown in the figure below:

Well, if you didn't know what a Docx file is, then it's a packaged file just like our regular zip file with its own set of standardized structures. If you try to decompress a docx file with a decompressor or a zip extractor.

Dear user, you are offered a download

Click on the link below to get the source and code to convert the word docx file to html with C# c sharp

Click here to download

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