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سورس-و-کد برنامه-انیمیشن-برداری-GDI+-Flash-like-با
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Today, in this post, for you, dear website users, we have prepared a source file and code for the GDI+ Flash-like vector animation program with ready for download.


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Download the source and code of GDI+ Flash-like vector animation program with

It is an Adobe Flash application written in VB.NET using GDI+ that allows you to create graphics and animate them. It also has audio playback, raster image warping, SVG generation and AVI capability.

Sample runtime images

سورس و کد برنامه انیمیشن برداری

The design tool of this software

  • Arrow tool

The Arrow tool is the most versatile tool, because you can use it not only to select and move objects, but also to perform various tasks when you double-click on objects. For example, double-clicking on the details of a group in that group will cause the new SelectedContainer group in the Designer object. By double-clicking on a sub-scene, the Scene of its object is selected to the scene. Double-clicking on a vector object changes the PointEditMode attribute. This is a crowded tool.

  • Rectangle and oval tools

Rectangle and Ellipse both work by tracing the rectangle that the user draws, creating an internal GraphicsPath , adding their shape to the path, then calling SetPath newVectorObject to recreate the object using the new path, calling Refresh to update the display's SceneSurface . User while dragging

The two tools are so similar that I had to create a base class for the vectors and just create an override function when it came time to add the rectangle/ellipse to the built-in GraphicsPath object. Maybe next iteration I'll do that.

  • Sound tool

The sound tool is very simple. When you click anywhere, it will prompt you for media files, and if you select one, it will generate instances of the Sound class and place it in the selected container.

  • pencil tool

The pencil tool that I found in some very sophisticated versions before that I can go all the way through, and I use GraphicsPath.AddCurve to get exactly what I want. If this algorithm was not very good, but for someone who did not know what it does, it worked half well.

  • Polygon tool

The rectangle tool allows you to click to add points and then Shift-click to close the shape. If I only use line segments, they can't be set, so instead of calling DrawingPath.AddLine or DrawingPath.AddPolygon to connect the point to the current point, I did this:

  • Text tool

The text tool just creates a new instance of a text object with default text and drops it onto the container the mouse is placed in. There is nothing more to say about this.

  • Scene tools below

The subscene tool creates an empty subscene object at 25% of the stage size at the mouse location. I could go with 100% as the default, but I wanted users to see the subscene without covering the scenes they are actually editing.

  • Image tool

Like the Sound tool, the Image tool prompts you for an external image file, then drops it onto the screen at that location.

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To get the source and code of the GDI+ Flash-like vector animation program with, click on the link below

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