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Download the source and code of the Sudoku game, SuDoku, solver and build in C# C#

دانلود-سورس-و-کد-بازی-سودوکو-SuDoku حل-کننده-و-ساخت-در-سی-شارپ-c#
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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, a magic file of a SuDoku source and game code to solve and build in C# C# ready for download.


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Download the source and code of the SuDoku Sudoku game, solver and build in C# C#

Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, a magic file of a source and code for the SuDoku game, a solver and made in C#, ready for download.

Well, SuDoku is not a new game and there are many software for playing SuDoku already available on the net. I tried my hand at developing SuDoku a year ago and after a long time I am sharing it with everyone.

You must know the rules of SuDoku. Let me put this rule into a precise definition that will help you understand the code:

In SuDoku, there is a square grid with p 4 squares, which is generally p=3. The larger square grid has dimensions p 2 xp 2. Each larger square grid has a p 2 box of pxp dimensions. The larger grid is partially filled. The rule is to fill the grid so that each horizontal row, each vertical column, and each pxp box contains digits from 1 to n (n=p 2 ), without repeating numbers in the same row, column, or box. I have named this rule as the principle of uniqueness.

نمونه تصاویر در زمان اجرا سورس و کد SuDoku

دانلود سورس و کد باز سودوکو SuDoku حل کننده و ساخت در C # c # 11

دانلود سورس و کد باز سودوکو SuDoku حل کننده و ساخت در C # c # 22

طراحی اساساً شامل سه بخش است:

  • SuDoku را حل کنید
  • SuDoku را ایجاد کند
  • Graphics (an important part to make the user interface attractive)

الگوریتم حل

The easiest way to solve SuDoku is to mark all possible values ​​(1-n) of a square. Then, based on the "principle of uniqueness", discard the numbers that cannot be filled in that square. When a square is left with only one number or a number is such that it cannot be in other squares of the row or column or box related to the square, fill the number and remove the possibility of the number from the squares of the row, column. And the box belonging to the square has recently been filled. With this method, a unique number is found for all squares.

Dear user, you are offered a download.

Click on the link below to download the source and code of the SuDoku game, solver and build in C# C#

Click here to download

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