Download script to create Cron Jobs web service Cron jobs for free as a php file

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Today, for you dear users of the website, we have put a script file for creating a free Cron Jobs web service as a php file ready for download.


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Download script to create Cron Jobs web service Cron jobs for free as a php file

Today, for you dear users of the website, we have put a script for creating a free Crohn Jobs web service as a php file, ready for download, which you can easily take advantage of.

The script was updated to the latest changes in November, 1400/8/9

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If you use Host C Panel and you want to run commands or a specific PHP program on your site in a certain period of time, for example once a day or once a week and an hour even a minute باز you can use the Cron jobs feature ( Use Cron Jobs or Cran Jobs). Crown Jobs capability on Linux hosts or servers makes it possible to execute commands automatically, especially at intervals. Cron is actually a feature of Linux-based systems. For example, performing certain operations such as sending emails, taking periodic backups, creating invoices and reminding them of their expiration dates are among the things you can do to use the Cronboj feature.Cron JobsIt is possible that you can set one or more scripts at a timePHPRun.

اسکريپت براي ايجاد وبسرويسCrohn Jobs Cron jobs

So you can use this feature to execute any action on your website automatically

Dear programmers, this script is for creating Crown Jobs web service that you can easily use in your programs and it is not the main server of

Dear user, a download offer is given to you

Click on the link below to download the script to create a free Cron jobs web service as a php file.

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