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Download scriptCMS وب سایت شرکتی با کد منبع PHP و MySQL

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Today, in this post, for you, dear website users, we have prepared the magic file of a corporate website CMS script with PHP and MySQL source code ready for download.


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Download scriptCMS وب سایت شرکتی با کد منبع PHP و MySQL


این پروژه One Company website/CMSی است. این One پروژه کاربردی مبتنی بر وب است که در PHPAndMySQL databaseit is developed. This project provides an online platform for a particular company to give its potential customers an overview or idea about its company. In this website project, customers can read information about the company. It has a pleasant user interface and user-friendly features and functions.

scriptCMS وب سایت شرکتی با کد منبع PHP و MySQL 1

درباره وب سایت شرکت/CMS

I developed this project using the following:

  • XAMPP version 3.3.0
  • PHP
  • MySQL database
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • Bootstrap
  • Excellent font

این Company website/CMSIt has two sides of the user interface which are:پنل داشبورد/control panelAndسایت عمومی .

سایت عمومیIt is available for any potential customers to browse and read information about the company. On the other hand, it helps the company to give their prospective customers an idea of ​​how their company works, what services the company offers/offers, why people choose the company and more. Visitors can also read the company's past/current customer testimonials.

سایت /control panelIt is a part of the system that is accessible only for management. This site requires valid user information to access the facilities and capabilities of the mentioned party. The management panel is a part of the system where the company management or site manager can manage the contents of the website. A site administrator can manage a list of services, blogs, testimonials, and more. This side of the system also provides a way to manage static information or content on the site, such as site information, contact information, and home section titles and descriptions.



  • Home Page
    • service sector
    • Descriptions section
    • "Why Us" section.
    • "Contact Us" section.
    • Recent works/portfolio section
    • Social network links
  • "About" content
  • Service page
  • Portfolio page
  • "Contact Us" page.
  • Send a message or request form

control panel

  • Dashboard screen
    • Show summary
  • services management
    • Add new service
    • List of all services
    • Editing/updating service details
    • سرویس را Deletedo
  • Portfolio management
    • پورتفولیوی جدید اضافه do
    • List of all portfolios
    • Edit/update portfolio details
    • Deleteنمونه کارها
  • Slider management
    • اسلایدر جدید اضافه do
    • List of all sliders
    • Edit/update detailsاسلایدر
    • اسلایدر استاتOne را ویرایش/به‌روزرسانی do
    • اسلایدر را Deletedo
  • Management of social links
    • پیوندهای اجتماعی جدید اضافه do
    • List of all social links
    • جزئیات پیوندهای اجتماعی را ویرایش/به‌روزرسانی do
    • لینک های اجتماعی را Deletedo
  • مدیریت Customers وفادار
    • addCustomers جدید
    • List allCustomerها
    • Edit/update detailsCustomers
    • DeleteCustomers
  • مدیریت "چرا ما را انتخاب do".
    • add"چرا ما را انتخاب do" جدید
    • List all«چرا ما را انتخاب do».
    • جزئیات «چرا ما را انتخاب do» را ویرایش/به‌روزرسانی do
    • Delete"چرا ما را انتخاب do"
  • پOneربندی سایت
    • Manage site settings
    • Management of section titles
    • Logo update
    • Contact update
  • Arrivals and Departures

برای دیدن دمو اینجا کلOne فرمایید

installation method


  • everyLocal web serverlike theXAMPPDownloadAndنصب do .
  • zip file کد منبع providedDownload do. ( The download button is below )

System installation

  1. XAMPP control panelyourselfopen do و  ApacheAndMySQL را راه اندازی do .
  2. filecompressedDownload source codedoneExtraction do .
  3. Extracted source code foldercopydoAnd it's inEnter XAMPP's "htdocs" directory .
  4. PHPMyAdmin را در One reviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. OneBaseNew data forNamingvoguecreate.
  6. fileSQL providedenter.This file namedDatabase.sqlIt is known that inside the folderInstall is located.
  7. fileDashboard >> z_db.phpOpen in a text editor and update the database credentials.
  8. Company website/CMSin onereviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/vogue/ .

Default admin access:

user name:admin


Click on the link below to download the CMS script for the corporate website with PHP and MySQL source code

Click here to download

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