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Download php script to login to Instagram

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Today, we have prepared a script for you, dear programmers, to download, which you can log in to the Instagram site through your username and password.

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Download the php script to login to Instagram

Today, dear programmers, we have prepared a script for you to download, which you can use to log in to the Instagram website using your username and password.

The source code has been programmed in a very simple and fluent way that you can easily understand. Also, a cookie file is saved during login, which you can use without logging in in the next requests, which is undoubtedly one of the best scripts in this field. be

>>> The download link has been removed, we are programming a new version, if you have an urgent need, you can inform the site support so that the file can be designed specifically for you <<<

The script is programmed in a simple and smooth way that you can log in with your Instagram username and password, without the need for an api.

Dear user, you are offered a download.

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Comment sent by Ki Khosro - 1/11/2023 4:46:40 pm
Hello.. Thank you, I downloaded it
The answer of the magic file support
Hello Your honor
Comment posted by Armita - 2022/12/30 11:59:45 pm
Hi Professor It was very interesting You are really great, always be successful
The answer of the magic file support
Hello thanks for your kindness
Posted by Meshkandokht - 2022/11/30 1:56:23 am
Hello, I downloaded it Your site should be the same He was the one I was killing
The answer of the magic file support
Hello please
Comment posted by Periro - 2022/12/23 6:01:59 pm
Hello and thank God, because you made this file available for download, I downloaded it, it was great
The answer of the magic file support
Hello you're welcome

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