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Download the script of customer support software as a ticket

دانلود-script-نرم-افزار پشتیبانی-مشتری-بصورت-تیکت
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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the Magic File website, we have prepared a sample script of customer support software in the form of a ticket for download.


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Download the script of customer support software as a ticket

Today, in this post, we have prepared a sample script of customer support software as a ticket for you, dear users of the Magic File website.

The script is customer support software in the form of a ticket, email management and help center with the ability to host a person who does not need coding knowledge or server to set up.

It can automatically convert emails into ticket / reply and send representative replies from support software as emails. Customers can also create tickets and respond directly from the site.

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دانلود script نرم افزار پشتیبانی مشتری بصورت تیکت

دانلود script نرم افزار پشتیبانی مشتری بصورت تیکت

Download the script of customer support software as a ticket3

Download the script of customer support software as a ticket4


  • AnnouncementsReceive notifications via email, browser or mobile about various events, including new tickets, new replies, dedicated tickets and more.
  • Easy to install- Install easily and without coding knowledge or server in minutes with our installer and documentation.
  • reportsAutomatically generates reports on tickets, searches, article visits, and more.
  • High performance- It is lightweight and has fast light performance and screen load time outside the box.
  • Knowledge base managementOrganize your knowledge base using categories and tags, create articles with a powerful html editor.
  • Appearance Editor- Change colors, images and text. Manage menus, SEO tags and more with a live preview using the powerful Appearance Editor.
  • Translation ready- You can easily translate from the management area without the need for third-party programs or configuration files.
  • Responsive- Fully responsive and scalable to the size of any device.
  • open source- You will receive a completely unencrypted and unambiguous source code, so you can modify it (or hire a freelancer to do it for you any way you want).
  • Lifetime license- Pay once and get a lifetime license. There is no duplicate cost.
  • Documentation- In-depth offline documentation included. Explains everything from installation to many features.
  • Social login- Allows users to log in with popular third-party sites (Facebook, Twitter, Invato, Google).
  • professional design- Perfect pixel design based on Google material design instructions.
  • SearchPowerful search with multiple integrated providers, including elasticsearch, algolia, mysql and more.
  • Rich text editor- The ticket body uses a rich text editor, which allows file upload, code formatting, inline images, ready-made answers, links, cancel / re-drafts, and more.
  • Dark mode- Has pre-made light and dark themes. You can customize them completely or add new themes through the appearance editor.
  • User settings- Allow users to change common settings such as time zone, language, country and more.
  • Roles- Flexible role system to assign users and representatives to teams, organizations, companies and more.
  • Pages -Create custom pages (such as terms of service or privacy policy) with the html editor.
  • Menu Editor-All site menus can be easily edited by dragging and dropping without any coding knowledge.

Administrator with full licenses:

  • Email:
  • Password: admin123

Representative with limited licenses:

  • Email:
  • Password: agent123

Customer with minimum license:

  • Email:
  • Password: customer123


  • PHP 7.2.5 or higher
  • PDO extension (enabled by default)
  • Php_fileinfo extension (enabled by default)
  • MySQL database server.
  • Design on Laravel framework

Dear user, you are offered a download.

Click on the link below to download the customer support software script as a ticket

Click here to download

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