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Download the task reminder system script in PHP and MySQL source code

دانلود-script سیستم-یادآوری-وظایف-در-PHP-و-کد-منبع-MySQL
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Today, in this post, for you, dear user, we have prepared a PHP task reminder system script and MySQL source code ready for download.


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Download the task reminder system script in PHP and MySQL source code

This project is called task reminder system. It is a web-based application that provides certain employees of companies with a platform to remind them of their daily tasks. This project is mainly developed using PHP language and MySQL database. It has a pleasant user interface with the help of Bootstrap framework and AdminLTE template. It includes several user-friendly features and functions related to the platform or application.

سیستم یادآوری وظایف چگونه کار می کند؟

The task reminder system has 2 modules, which are the user site and the monitoring site.

سایت کاربرIt is a part of the program that is accessible only to registered users of the system. This site has 2 different user roles, which are administrator (system administrator) and staff (employees). The administrator has the privilege to access and manage all system data and information, including user data and system/site information. Employees - Users are regular employees who are registered and have the privilege to encrypt and manage their daily work reminders. Employees can only manage and view their own data while managers can access and overwrite data encoded by employee users.

سایت مانیتورینگA public site used to display all task reminders that are scheduled and active throughout the day. The task reminder information that the user has assigned to the task/encoded reminder, displays the reminder title and a short description of the task. Task reminders are shown as an automatic slider that displays tasks one by one at 10-second intervals.

ویژگی ها و عملکردها سایت مانیتورینگ

  • پیمایش بالا
  • پاورقی
  • نوار لغزنده یادآوری وظایف با فاصله 10 ثانیه
  • دکمه ورود

سایت کاربران مدیران

  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Dashboard
    • خلاصه یادآوری کارها
    • یادآوری وظایف کاربر از روز جاری
  • مدیریت یادآوری وظایف
    • Add task reminders for you or other users
    • Edit task reminders for yourself or other users
    • View task reminders for yourself or other users
    • Remove task reminders for you or other users
    • List of all task reminders including other users
  • User management
    • افزودن کاربر جدید سیستم
    • Edit user information
    • List of all users
    • Delete user
  • Update system information
  • به روز رسانی جزئیات حساب


  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Dashboard
    • خلاصه یادآوری کارها
    • یادآوری وظایف کاربر از روز جاری
  • مدیریت یادآوری وظایف
    • یادآوری کار خود را اضافه کنید
    • یادآوری وظایف خود را ویرایش کنید
    • یادآوری کار خود را مشاهده کنید
    • یادآوری وظایف خود را حذف کنید
    • لیست تمام یادآورهای کار ایجاد شده توسط خود
  • به روز رسانی جزئیات حساب

Here is a list of technologies that I used to develop this task reminder system:

  • VS code editor
  • PHP
  • MySQL database
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • Bootstrap framework
  • قالب AdminLTE v3
  • آیکون های شگفت انگیز

Sample runtime images

script سیستم یادآوری وظایف در PHP و کد منبع MySQL 11

script سیستم یادآوری وظایف در PHP و کد منبع MySQL 22


  • Download and install any local web server like XAMPP.
  • Download the provided source zip code file. (The download button is below)

System installation

  • Activate the GD library in your php.ini file.
  • Open your XAMPP control panel and start Apache and MySQL.
  • Extract the zip file of the downloaded source code.
  • Copy the extracted source code folder and place it in XAMPP's "htdocs" directory.
  • Browse PHPMyAdmin in a browser. That is http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  • Create a new database called trs_db.
  • Enter the provided SQL file. This file is known as trs_db.sql, which is located inside the database folder.

Dear user, you are offered a download.

Click on the link below to download the script for the task reminder system in PHP and MySQL source code

Click here to download

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