script سیستمParking management in PHP با استفاده از کد منبع Framework CodeIgniter

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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear users of the website, a magic file of a parking management system script in PHP using the CodeIgniter Framework source code.


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Download script سیستمParking management in PHP با استفاده از کد منبع Framework CodeIgniter


این پروژه One سیستم مدیریت پارکینگ است . این One پروژه کاربردی مبتنی بر وب است که در PHP,CodeIgniterAndMySQL database توسعه یافته است. هدف اصلی این اپلOneیشن ارائه   One پلتفرم خودکار و آنلاین به کسب و کارهای پارکینگ خودرو برای مدیریت تراکنش های روزانه آنهاست. It can help this type of business to easily store, retrieve and manage their daily transactions with their customers. This program has a pleasant user interface to useBootstrap 4.6 FrameworkAnd it consists of user-friendly features and functions that can provide end users with a better experience while using the application.

script سیستمParking management in PHP

درباره سیستم مدیریت پارکینگ ساده , This project is developed with the following:

  • XAMPP version 3.3.0
  • PHP
  • CodeIgniter 3.1.13
  • MySQL database
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Excellent font

این برنامه سیستم مدیریت پارکینگ فقط توسط مدیریت openرگانی پارکینگaccessible In order for the user to be able to access the features and capabilities of the mentioned project, he needs the user information of the administrator. This app allows the user to list all the allowed vehicle categories in their business with some relevant information such as the parking location or zone and the parking fees or rates. Here, the admin can simply register the information of the newly arrived vehicle in the category or parking area of ​​his choice. Added our vehicle which is displayed under the form called current vehicles. Tableوسایل نقلیه فعلی The vehicle is listed as currently parked. The system also has a feature that counts the parking available in each category. Admin should update outgoing vehicles to update parking area availability. The project also generates a statistical report for parked vehicles within a 10-day range.

This CodeIgniter project source code can also be used as a reference for new programmers or students who are planning to develop something like this for their final year project. This application has many features and capabilities.


  • Dashboard screen
    • نمایش خلاصه.
  • مدیریت دسته بندی
    • اضافه کردن دسته جدید
    • List of all categories
    • Edit/update category details
    • فعال کردن دسته
    • غیرفعال کردن دسته
    • Delete category
    • پنل جزئیات نرخ طبقه بندی قیمت
  • مدیریت ورود خودرو
    • ورود خودروی جدید را اضافه do
    • لیست تمام وسایل نقلیه در حال حاضر پارک شده
    • نمایش پارکینگ جزئیات موجود است
    • مشاهده و چاپ رسید
  • مدیریت خودرو
    • فهرست تمام سوابق خودروی فعلی/خروج شده
    • ورود خودرو را به خروجی به روز do
  • ایجاد گزارش آماری ورود خودرو از 10 روز تا روز جاری
  • ورود یا ضبط خودرو را بر اساس شماره خودرو یا شماره سریال رسیدSearch do
  • تنظیماتAccount / رمز عبور حساب را به روز do
  • Arrivals and Departures

The source code is created for educational purposes only. You can download the source code to and modify it the way you want


  • everyLocal web serverlike theXAMPPDownloadAndنصب do .
  • zip file کد منبع providedDownloaddo. ( The download button is below )

System installation

  1. XAMPP control panelyourselfopen do و ApacheAndMySQL را راه اندازی do .
  2. filecompressedDownload source codedoneExtraction do .
  3. Extracted source code foldercopydoAnd it's inEnter XAMPP's "htdocs" directory .
  4. PHPMyAdmin را در One reviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. OneBaseNew dataIn the namespms_db ایجادdo.
  6. fileSQL providedenter.This file namedspms_db.sqlIt is known that inside the folderThe database is located.
  7. سیستم مدیریت پارکینگ سادهin onereviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/ci_spms/ .

Default admin access:

  • user name:admin
  • password:admin123
Click on the link below to get the script of the parking management system in PHP using the CodeIgniter Framework source code

Click here to download

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