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script سیستمHotel management in PHP با استفاده از کد منبع Framework CodeIgniter

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Today, in this post, we have prepared for you, dear website users, a magic file of a hotel management system script in PHP using the CodeIgniter Framework source code.


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Download script سیستمHotel management in PHP با استفاده از کد منبع Framework CodeIgniter


این پروژه ساده One Hotel management system است . این One پروژه کاربردی مبتنی بر وب است که در PHP,CodeIgniterAndMySQL database توسعه یافته است. هدف اصلی این اپلOneیشن ارائه One Online platform برای One HotelSpecial for managing their records. This application helps hotel management to store, retrieve and manage hotel records easily. With the helpBootstrap FrameworkIt has a pleasant user interface. This software has user-friendly features and capabilities that help the end-users to provide a better experience to the end-users while using it.

سیستمHotel management in PHP
درباره Hotel management system

This project is developed with the following:

This web appHotel management system فقط برای همه کاربران ثبت نام شده قابل دسترسی است. This program allows to manage the listانواع room ها,room ها,the part ها,restaurants,medical servicesAndPossibilities ورزشی را مدیریت کند.. Users can only be registered by other logged in users. This application allows users to manage the services that guests have received from their hotel, such as massage services, use of sports facilities, etc. Here the management can reserve the room for future guests as well. On the reservation page, the management is required to first record the customer or guest information before the available room list for the room type and date selected by the guest. If a guest has already checked in or made a reservation on or in between the same date, the room will automatically become unavailable.


  • Dashboard screen
    • Display current days status or summary.
    • Show shortcuts
    • Display the list of frequent customers
    • Display the list of the most popular customers
  • Staff management
    • Add a new employee
    • List of all employees
    • Editing/updating employee details
    • کارمند را حذف do
  • Room type management
    • Add new room type
    • همه انواع room را فهرست do
    • جزئیات نوع room را ویرایش/به‌روزرسانی do
    • Remove room type
  • Room management
    • room جدید اضافه do
    • List of all rooms
    • Edit/update room details
    • room را حذف do
  • Customer management
    • مشتری جدید اضافه do
    • Search for customers
  • Booking management
    • Add new reservation
    • همه room های موجود را فهرست do
    • با استفاده از تقویم، تاریخ ورود را انتخاب do
  • Restaurant management
    • Add new restaurant
    • List of all restaurants
    • خدمات رستوران مهمان یا مشتری را اضافه do
    • Edit/update restaurant details
    • رستوران را حذف do
  • Management of medical services
    • medical services جدید اضافه do
    • List of all medical services
    • جزئیات medical services را ویرایش/به‌روزرسانی do
    • medical services را حذف do
  • Management of sports facilities
    • Adding new sports facilities
    • List of all sports facilities
    • خدمات تسهیلات ورزشی مهمان یا مشتری را اضافه do
    • جزئیات Possibilities ورزشی را ویرایش/به‌روزرسانی do
    • Removal of sports facilities
  • Massage room management
    • room ماساژ جدید اضافه do
    • List of all sports facilities
    • خدمات ماساژ مهمان یا مشتری را اضافه do
    • Edit/update massage room details
    • room ماساژ را حذف do
  • ورودAndخروج

The source code is created for educational purposes only. You can download the source code for free and modify it the way you want.

Implementation method


  • everyLocal web serverAsXAMPPDownloadAndنصب do .
  • fileزیپ کد منبع providedDownloaddo. ( The download button is below )

System installation

  1. XAMPP control panelyourselfopen doAnd ApacheAndMySQL را راه اندازی do .
  2. filecompressedDownload source codedoneExtraction do .
  3. Extracted source code foldercopydoAnd it's inEnter XAMPP's "htdocs" directory .
  4. PHPMyAdmin را در One reviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. OneBaseNew dataIn the nameCreate hms_dbdo.
  6. fileSQL providedenter.This file namedhms_db.sqlIt is known that inside the folderThe database is located.
  7. Hotel management systemin onereviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/ci_hms/ .

Default admin access:

user name:admin

Dear user, you are offered a download

برای دریافت script سیستمHotel management in PHP با استفاده از کد منبع Framework CodeIgniter بر روی لینک زیر کلOne فرمایید

Click here to download

Files that you may need


The script for registering contact information with the management system in PHP, php with source code

more details

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