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Download inventory management system script in PHP with source code

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Today, in this post, for you, dear users of the website, we have prepared the magic file of an inventory management system script in PHP for download.


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Download inventory management system script in PHP with source code

This inventory management system is developed using PHP and MySQL database. This is a simple system created using HTML, CSS design, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Ajax. This inventory management system is all about selling and buying products. This is a simple project that monitors the amount of inventory. This system has a pleasant user interface and is user-friendly. This system produces reports for list of items, sales, seller, customer and purchase. Each of these reports can be printed and exported to CSV, Excel and PDF.

scriptInventory management system in PHP

  • User registration
  • User login
  • Management of items
  • Purchase management
  • Sales management
  • Customer management
  • Generates reports

How to implement the requirements:

  1. Download and install the latest version of XAMPP.
  2. Download and extract the compressed source code file. (The download button is below)


  1. Open XAMPP control panel and start "Apache" and "MySQL".
  2. Copy the extracted folder to the "htdocs" folder of XAMPP. (C: xampphtdocs)
  3. Open a web browser and browse to PHPMyAdmin. (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)
  4. Create a new database named "shop_inventory".
  5. Enter the SQL file. The SQL file is known as "shop_inventory.sql" and is located in the directory "inc/config" of the extracted folder.
  6. Open a web browser and browse the web app. (http://localhost/inventory-management-system)

Sample access

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Dear user, you are offered a download

Click on the link below to download the inventory management system script in PHP with the source code

Click here to download

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