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Search box script with auto suggested links items using PHP and jQuery

script جعبه-جستجو-با-آیتم‌های-پیوندهای-پیشنهادی-خودکار-با-استفاده-از-PHP-و-jQuery
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Today, in this post, we have prepared a search box script with auto-suggested link items using PHP and jQuery for you, dear users of the magic file website.


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Download Search box script with auto suggested links items using PHP and jQuery

This is a script that creates a search box with auto-suggest links items. It uses HTM, PHP, MySQL database, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax. It helps you to understand and have an idea or knowledge about how Create the mentioned web app feature for your future project. This type of attribute is typically used when adding a search attribute that matches keywords in multiple database tables and columns.

Our goal here is to create a web application that has a search box that allows users to enter a specific keyword to find data in a database. Every time the user enters a new character in the text fields, the search box has a list of suggestions. The suggested list displays all suggested data links that contain or match the given keyword. Suggested items display up to 10 items. Next, when the user presses the Enter key, the program lists all links in the list whose data content contains the given keyword. The suggested search and result item has 2 possible page links, which are the author details page link and the submission details link.

Sample runtime images

 script جعبهSearch با آیتم‌های پیوندهای پیشنهادی خودکار 11  script جعبهSearch با آیتم‌های پیوندهای پیشنهادی خودکار 22

Tools used:

  • XAMPP or any equivalent to run our PHP scripts.
  • Bootstrap v5 for design.
  • JQuery

For you, dear user, a download is suggested.

Click on the link below to get the search box script with auto-suggested link items using PHP and jQuery.

Click here to download

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