Web Script URL shortener with PHP and jQuery

script-برنامه-وب-کوتاه-کننده-URL-با PHP-و-jQuery
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برای شما کاربران عزیز وبسایت فایل سحرآمیز یک Web Script URL shortener with PHP and jQuery را آماده دانلود قرار داده ایم


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Web Script URL shortener with PHP and jQuery

اين يک برنامه وب ساده PHP و jQuery است که من آن را به عنوان کوتاه کننده URL پاسخگو ناميدم. اين برنامه وب از برنامه وب معروف/محبوب به نام Bitly الهام گرفته شده است. همانند برنامه وب مذکور، اين پروژه URL Shortener نيز يک URL کوتاه شده توليد مي کند.

About Responsive URL Shortener

This simple project was developed using PHP, MySQL database, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery / Ajax and Bootstrap. This program allows users to shorten their given "long" URL. When the shortened URL creation was successful, the program restores some information about the website, such as the content of the website (title, description and image) provided in the meta element / layout. When browsing a truncated URL in the browser, the program updates the truncated link data in the database while updating the last browsing date / time and the number of redirects / browsing using the truncated link. The program also has an admin panel where the admin user can manage the list of all generated URLs.

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Web Script URL shortener with PHP and jQuery

Web Script URL shortener with PHP and jQuery 2


  • Shorten the URL
  • The URL is redirected to the main website when browsing
  • Responsive user interface (user interface)
  • Admin panel (password protection)
  • List of generated links
  • Displays abbreviated URL data
  • Delete the generated link
  • Search list
  • Sample interface images
  • Mobile view

How to implement the requirements and installation / commissioning:

  1. Download and install any local web server such as XAMPP / WAMP.
  2. Download the source code zip file provided. (Download button is below)
  3. Open your XAMPP / WAMP control panel and launch Apache and MySQL.
  4. Extract the downloaded source code zip file.
  5. If you are using XAMPP, copy the extracted source code folder and place it in the XAMPP "htdocs" directory. And if you use WAMP, put it in the "www" directory.
  6. Browse PHPMyAdmin in a browser. I mean http: // localhost / phpmyadmin
  7. Create a new database called url_shortener.
  8. Import the provided SQL file. This file is known as url_shortener.sql, which is located inside the Database folder.
  9. Browse the Responsive URL Shortener web application in a browser. I mean http: // localhost / url_shortener

Management password:

Dear user, you are offered a download

برای دریافت Web Script URL shortener with PHP and jQuery بر روی لینک زیر کلیک فرمایید

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