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Download simple bounce game script using javascript

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Today, in this post, we have prepared a sample of a simple bounce game script using JavaScript for you, dear users of the Magic File website.


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Download simple Bounce game script using JavaScript

Simple Bounce with Source Code game is a project that is a single player game in which different game modes are created. This game has a basic design that includes balls and paddles. The goal is to design a friendly environment with friends, family and so on.

Sample images at script time

script بازي Bounce ساده با استفاده از جاوا اسکريپت 1

script بازي Bounce ساده با استفاده از جاوا اسکريپت 2

script بازي Bounce ساده با استفاده از جاوا اسکريپت 3

About the program

Simple Bounce was created in an HTML web browser that uses a JavaScript engine to upgrade to a new development. This game can be played through a web browser that only depicts the gameplay of the ball and paddle. The player can play the game via the keyboard connections (left arrow key to move left, right arrow key to move right). The program consists of different game modes. The first mode is SPEED. This mode of play is done by repeatedly hitting the ball each time you hit the ball, the more points you get, the longer you stay alive, the faster the ball increases. The second case is random, the game mode is somewhat difficult, the ball randomly increases its speed every time you hit the ball. The last case is BRICK. This gameplay is like an arcane game, your goal is to destroy the bricks above your head. This program is for educational purposes only, you can modify it according to your needs. Simple Bounce game was created using the basic JavaScript coding technique that helps you understand the flow of the program.

Features of Simple Bounce Game Using JavaScript:

  • More game mode
    • This project includes different types of game modes that can be played with.
  • Simple graphical user interface
    • This project includes simple UIs such as text, buttons and images.
  • Basic controls
    • This project uses a basic control that is needed to interact with the game.
  • User friendly interface
    • This project was designed in a simple user interface web application.

How to run a simple bounce game using JavaScript:

  1. Extract the zip file.
  2. Find and find the "index.html" file.
  3. Open the file in a web browser.

Simple Bounce game is developed using JavaScript language. I hope this system can help you with what you are looking for. For more updates and tutorials, just please visit this site. Enjoy coding !!

Click on the link below to download a simple bounce game script using JavaScript

Click here to download

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