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Download online news portal script using PHP/MySQLi with source code

دانلود-script پورتال-خبر-آنلاین-با-استفاده-از-PHP/MySQLi-با-کد-منبع
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Today, in this post, for you dear users of the Saharamaz website, we have prepared an online news portal script using PHP/MySQLi with source code ready for download.


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Download online news portal script using PHP/MySQLi with source code

Online News Portal is a PHP/MySQLi CMS (Content Management System) project for an online news article website. This system has 2 sides of the user interface, one for the administrator user and the other for the readers. The admin user manages all system data, including news content. News articles are organized by news categories in this system. As for how it works, first the admin has to fill the list of categories. After that, the admin can now create a new article and news articles need to display the cover photo of the news on the website when listing the published news, and the admin can also add photos in the content editor. Then, the admin decides whether to publish the article immediately after saving the content or save it to the public first for the next post by turning on/off the publish button. After the news article is published by the admin, the news content is automatically registered in the news published on the website that is the reader's side. The admin user can dynamically update or change the "About Us" content of the website.

Sample runtime images

script پورتال خبر آنلاین با استفاده از PHP/MySQLi با کد منبع 11

Management sidescript پورتال خبر آنلاین با استفاده از PHP/MySQLi با کد منبع 22 script پورتال خبر آنلاین با استفاده از PHP/MySQLi با کد منبع 233

  • Login page
    • The page where the user sends his system admin to access the system administration.
  • Home Page
    • The page that the admin user is directed to by default after logging in.
  • صفحه دسته بندی
    • صفحه ای که ادمین لیست دسته بندی های اخبار را مدیریت می کند.
  • صفحه پست جدید
    • صفحه ای که در آن مدیر یک مقاله خبری جدید ایجاد می کند.
  • صفحه فهرست پست ها
    • A page where all created news articles are listed and managed.
  • درباره صفحه
    • The page where the admin manages the "About Us" content of the website.
  • صفحه فهرست کاربران
    • A page where system users are listed and navigate to edit, view and delete users.

خوانندگان / بازدیدکنندگان وب سایت

  • صفحه اصلی/اخبار
    • The default page that visitors are directed to when browsing an online news portal website.
  • پنل دسته ها
    • The panel/card on the right side of the website page helps the visitor to filter news articles by category.
  • پنل اخبار اخیر
    • List of the latest articles/news articles published. When selecting a news article in this panel, the visitor will be redirected to a new window.
  • درباره صفحه
    • A page that displays the "About Us" content of the website.

The online news portal is developed using HTML, PHP/MySQLi, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery/Ajax) and Bootstrap for design. The source code is fully functional and can be easily modified or improved. To have a real experience using this simple project, follow the instructions below.

How to run

  • Download the source code and extract the zip file.
  • Download or start any local web server that runs the PHP script.
  • Open the web server database and create a new database named "news_portal_db". create .
  • Import the SQL file located in the database. Import the source code.
  • Copy the source code and paste it where your local web server has access to your local projects. Example for XAMPP ('C: xampphtdocs')
  • Open a web browser and browse the project. For example [http://localhost/online-news-portal] for visitor side and [http://localhost/online-news-portal/admin] for admin side.

Default access management

  • Email:
  • Password: admin123

Dear users, it is recommended to download.

To download the online news portal script using PHP/MySQLi with the source code, click on the link below

Click here to download

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