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Download e-learning system script in PHP source code

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In this post, for you, dear user, we have prepared an e-learning system script in PHP source code ready for download.


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Download e-learning system script in PHP source code

اين پروژه يک سيستم آموزش الکترونيکي است. اين يک پروژه کاربردي مبتني بر وب که در PHPAndMySQL database توسعه يافته است. هدف اصلي اين وب اپليکيشن ارائه يک بستر آنلاين يا مجازي براي يادگيري يک کلاس است. اين برنامه به کلاس اجازه مي دهد تا درباره موضوعي بحث کندAndمعلمان مي توانند يک تکليف فايل پيوست را براي دانش آموزان توزيع کنند. اين نرم افزار داراي رابط کاربري سادهAndدلپذيرAndويژگي هاAndقابليت هاي کاربر پسند است که تجربه بهتري را در هنگام استفاده از برنامه تحت وب به کاربران نهايي مي دهد.

اسکریت سيستم آموزش الکترونيکي در کد منبع PHP 1

اسکریت سيستم آموزش الکترونيکي در کد منبع PHP 1 2

This project has been developed with the following:

  • PHP
  • MySQL database
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery

This electronic education system application is accessible to everyone. It is necessary for users to register their user account for free by filling all the required fields in the registration form. After successful registration, users can access the features and capabilities by logging into the system with their system credentials. Users can also update their account details such as biography and profile picture in the app. Users can create a new class or join a class. The user who creates the class acts as the teacher of the class. Other users who need or want to join the class must enter the class code to join the class. On the class page, users can post some topics for discussion, and all class posts are included in the discussion feed, where other members of the class can see the post and write a comment on the post. Teachers can also submit an assignment for the class in the assignment sheet. Here, teachers can upload an attachment file for their student assignments. This app also has a notification feature that notifies class members every time someone posts a topic or comments on a post.

This PHP project source code can also be used as a reference for new programmers or students who are planning to develop something like this for their final year project. This application has many features and capabilities.


  • Enter
  • Record
  • Home Page
    • List of all created classes
    • Remove/delete created classes
    • List of all member classes
  • class management
    • Create a new class
    • به One کلاس بپیوندید
  • Information
  • Class page
    • Show class details
    • Add new post
    • Add a new assignment
    • List of all posts
    • List of all assignments
    • fileپیوست را هنگام ارسال One تکلیف بارگذاری do
    • Comments section for each post
    • Edit post
    • delete post
    • Delete comment
  • Profile page
  • Update profile details
  • Exit


  • everyLocal web serverAsXAMPP را DownloadAndنصب do .
  • fileزیپ کد منبع providedDownloaddo. ( The download button is below )

System installation

  1. XAMPP control panelyourselfopen doAndApacheAndMySQL را راه اندازی do .
  2. filecompressed کد منبع DownloaddoneExtraction do .
  3. Extracted source code folderکپی doAnd it's inEnter XAMPP's "htdocs" directory .
  4. PHPMyAdmin راIn areviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. OneBaseNew dataIn the nameCreate vcs_dbdo.
  6. fileSQL providedenter.This file namedvcs_db.sqlIt is known that inside the folderThe database is located.
  7. Simple e-learning systemIn areviewگر reviewdo . that's meanhttp://localhost/vcs/ .

Sample user access:

Dear user, you are offered a download

Click on the link below to download the e-learning system script in the PHP source code

Click here to download

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Thank you for your good product
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Hello that's kind of you
ارسال کننده نظر زینب - 2022/12/25 4:59:09 pm
Hello, I downloaded it, it was great
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Hello you're welcome

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