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This website is fordesignersprogrammersAnd also forStudentsAndstudentsIt is designed and built and the services provided are as follows

If you are looking for scripts and any kind of dedicated source code
If you are looking for software and any kind of file specific to your business or service
If you are looking for a project for universities and schools
And if you are looking for any type of file in any field, then follow us because we are at your service with completely dedicated and rare files on this website.

The main purpose of this website

It is supposed that every type of file that is placed for download on the website has been specially designed by us and every file that is on the website has been created exclusively by this website and we try to put the files that It is really rare

Please search among our files to find your file. If you are looking for a file that is not on the website, contact us through the backup so that the file is ready for you.

Part of the files of the MagicFile site


Ready research booklet on Islamic ethics in Word format

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List of website special files

Download software to change the source language and code of Visual Studio (design elements of form design)

Download automatic translation software for po, pot files in full for all languages, including Persian

Extracting Instagram followers Instagram robot software to receive a complete list of followers and followers

The best notification service push script notification management and build site notification push

Download software to convert text file to vcf (mobile contact)